Beating Cancer with Special Support

It’s one of those phrases no one ever wants to hear: you have cancer. Yet, for one of our team members, it was a phrase that would be the beginning of a new chapter, a new obstacle she would overcome. Peggy Dean had a wonderful childhood. Born in Germany to an American father and a

Missionary to a Foreign Land

Originally from Georgia, Roy and Carolyn McCook have devoted most of their lives to helping lead others to God even when they may not know the native language. “Most of the time, especially in Africa, we had a translator,” said Roy. “In some places, every village we went to would speak a different language. Congo

How CCRCs are Unique from Other Retirement Living Choices

For many, living at home may be desirable, but it’s not practical for the long term. In these cases, there are a number of different types of communities from which to choose. Learn the differences between each and how to identify them below. CONTINUUM OF CARE One of the most important factors to consider when

A Neglected Part of Retirement Planning

The term “retirement planning” is frequently used in the financial industry and in the media. But what does it really mean? For some, retirement planning includes strategies for saving and investing to prepare for a future retirement. For others, it may focus more on various methods for tax efficiency and generating income during the retirement

HR Director Ravonda John Likes Taking Care of People

Ravonda John has been the Human Resources Director at Scotia Village since 2010 and has been in the HR profession for over three decades. Before joining our team, she had worked primarily in manufacturing; first in textiles, then in auto parts. Unfortunately, jobs in those industries “went away,” she says, and she was looking for
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