The past six weeks have been unprecedented. Few of us could have predicted the circumstances in which we currently find ourselves.  For me, the most daunting of circumstances is that there is not a concrete end date to the crisis.  At Scotia Village residents and team are making the best of it.  Our approach has been to monitor the facts and increase resident and team restrictions in a way that tries to balance safety and quality of life.  The Leadership Team meets each morning to discuss how things are going and to deliberate on any procedural changes that may need to take place.

It has not been easy developing and implementing restrictions on what residents can do and where they can go.  Through the process we have relied on guidance from the CDC, CMS, NCDHHS, NC Executive Orders, and Scotland County.  We have also been in contact with the PHI team and our sister communities to discuss issues and hear about best practices. 

Currently: Some of the actions we have taken to date

  • Residents and team are strongly encouraged to follow social distancing practices (Stay at home if possible, stay away from groups, maintain six feet of distance from other people)
  • Both the dining rooms in the Café and the Magnolia Dining Room are closed. Meals are take-out or delivery only.
  • All resident activities have been cancelled.
  • The beauty shop, activity rooms and pool are closed.
  • No visitors in any level of care are allowed on campus except the family of a resident who is at end-of-life. The Tartan Place Health Center is closed off from the rest of Scotia Hall. 
  • Residents are being strongly discouraged from leaving campus.
  • All residents, team members, and vendors are being screened including a temperature check when they enter the main building.
  • Housekeeping services has been reduced to the cleaning of bathrooms and trash removal.
  • Only urgent or essential work orders are being completed in resident homes by Maintenance.
  • All health care team members are required to wear a mask while at work. All other team members will be required to do the same as supplies allow. 
  • All residents are being asked to wear a mask while in public places.
  • There has been regular and detailed communication with residents on the COVID-19 situation, our response, and their responsibility.

Making the Best of It: A sample of good things happening

  • Health care residents are receiving window visits and virtual time with family.
  • Health care residents are taking advantage of doorway activities such as bingo, trivia, and exercise.
  • Our Chaplain is spending several days a week exclusively in healthcare to provide spiritual opportunities to residents.
  • Independent residents are being offered hallway and driveway exercise opportunities led by our Wellness Director.
  • Residents have been offered alternatives to grocery shopping such as an increased meal allowance, the availability of grocery items in the Magnolia Dining Room, and grocery delivery services provided by Carlie C’s.
  • Our Chaplain along with a resident clergyman is providing hallway devotions during the week.
  • Independent residents are enjoying Friday afternoon treats delivered to their doorstep.

I am incredibly proud of the Scotia Village Team and the residents.  This situation is incredibly difficult, but everyone has pulled together to protect each other.

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