5 Healthier Sandwich Options

Italian hero A 6-inch traditional hero usually calls for salami, ham, prosciutto, provolone, pepperoni, and oil and vinegar dressing, on Italian bread. 868 calories, 49g fat, 2,495mg sodium, 3g fiber Better Italian hero Swap in low-sodium roast turkey for the ham, pepperoni and salami, though keep the cheese and prosciutto for that authentic Italian flavor.

20,000 steps around Scotia with Pat Ramsden

Pat Ramsden moved to Scotia Village seven months ago. When she arrived, she was determined to make staying fit a top priority. Fortunately, the community’s walking trails are perfect for staying active and engaged — and for walking off the Magnolia Dining Room’s scrumptious desserts. “I didn’t want to gain the Scotia 10,” she says

Carol Fowler shares her new jewelry creations

Carol Fowler comes from an artistic family. One of her two sisters even made art her profession. However, Carol’s career as a school administrator made it difficult to find time to pursue her artistic passions. The opportunity to find a new creative outlet finally came when she moved to Scotia Village. “I had time,” she

6 Sneaky Signs of Inflammation

Feeling wiped out. Random aches and pains. Frequent trips to the bathroom. What you might write off as signs of aging could be symptoms of chronic inflammation, which, if left untreated, can raise your risk of heart disease, dampen your immune system and leave you looking and feeling anything but your best. Keep in mind that

Fore! Golfers find great courses close to Scotia

Aside from the beautiful grounds and friendly people, Scotia Village offers a number of local courses around Scotland County and beyond that are easy to get to and a challenge for all skill levels. Resident John Cottingham provides his take on how the local courses measure up. In North Carolina, it isn’t difficult to find

How to create healthy habits – and get them to stick

As COVID-19 vaccinations continue to roll out across the country and life slowly starts to return to normal, experts say it’s a great time to reevaluate your habits and consider making changes to improve your health and well-being. Research shows that the start of any new phase — be it the resumption of post-pandemic life, turning a

How Friends Keep Us Young at Heart

Staying socially active enriches our lives, and creating intergenerational friends keeps us young at heart and mind. But, how does an older person create a mutually beneficial relationship with someone a decade or so younger without making them feel like they’re being groomed to be the absent child.  I’ve always had older and younger friends.

Scotia Village to Add Villa, Single Family Homes and Patio Homes, Sports Court and Amenities to its Campus

LAURINBURG, NC – The Presbyterian Homes, Inc. and Scotia Village are pleased to announce the expansion of its continuing care retirement community located in Laurinburg, NC. The planned development, expected to be finished in 2023, will add 25-independent living residential units including townhomes, cottages, and patio homes All residential accommodations included in the expansion will

Same charm, more to love

The upcoming expansion at Scotia Village has many future residents excited about coming to the community. According to Allen Johnson, Scotia’s Executive Director, existing residents have much to look forward to, as well. Most importantly, the expansion is designed to preserve the small-town charm, natural beauty, and friendly, relaxed atmosphere that has made Scotia Village

Exercise helps reduce cognitive decline in older consumers, study finds

A new study conducted by researchers from UT Southwestern Medical Center explored the brain benefits associated with getting regular exercise. According to their findings, exercise led to better blood flow to the brain for older consumers with mild cognitive impairment (MCI).  “This is part of a growing body of evidence linking exercises with brain health,” said researcher Rong Zhang, Ph.D. “We’ve shown for the

Music to Our Ears: Older Adults’ Sleep Quality Improves with Music Therapy

The prevalence of sleep disturbance among older adults is somewhere from 40 to 70%, which can have significant impacts on cognitive function and physical health. Researchers are consistently seeking remedies that can attenuate the impacts of sleep disturbance, which can range from cognitive impairment to emotional distress to an increased risk of falling incidents. A

Top Technologies That Older Americans Have Tried For First Time – And Enjoyed – During the Pandemic

As the COVID-19 outbreaks continue to transform our everyday lives, this new poll of American seniors shows that many older people have been forced to experiment with technology for the first time—and they are enjoying it more than they originally thought. According to a survey of 2,000 Americans aged 65 and older, using Zoom (34%)

The Return of the Roses at Scotia

Scotia Village is known throughout the area for its natural beauty and well-tended gardens, especially the rose garden that greets residents and visitors in front of the main entrance. And this year the garden could be more vibrant than ever. The roses are cared for through the thoughtful and dedicated attention of resident volunteers, including

How to Stay Warm While Safely Socializing Outdoors

Mah-jongg Zoom sessions, online meditation led by her rabbi, and socially distanced weekday walks with friends from the neighborhood are among the many ways Rebecca Smigel, a retiree in Montgomery County, Maryland, has stayed “stimulated and moving” during the long months of the ongoing pandemic. And, says Smigel, this winter has seen her socializing outdoors more than ever before. “Nobody

Good things are happening at Scotia Village.

Marlyn MacDonald has a positive outlook on life. These days, she keeps it that way by staying fit, active and engaged with a little help from her fellow Scotia Village residents, the supportive staff and a successful second round of COVID-19 vaccinations at the community. “You just have to think of all the good things,”

How (and What) You’ll Be Eating and Drinking This Year

Year-round outdoor dining, grocery shopping exclusively online, TikTok kitchen hacks — these 2020 food trends were nearly unpredictable 12 months ago. This year promises to bring more novel ways to plan and eat your meals at home, plus purpose-driven snack foods (think mushroom jerky to “upcycled” chips and banana brittle) and an expanded mocktails menu

7 New Holiday Traditions That Could Outlast the Virus

Tina Beasley brought some good cheer to her Cape Cod, Massachusetts, neighborhood this pandemic holiday season with a socially distanced ornament swap. She decorated one tree at the end of her driveway with ornaments to take and designated the other as ready for hanging new ones. Then she invited her neighbors to make a trade.

Disc Golf Takes Flight at Scotia Village

Residents may have seen a number of discs flying through the air around the community lately. But the discs aren’t UFOs. Instead, disc golf has come to Scotia Village thanks to a group of curious residents and a few helpful students at St. Andrews University.  According to resident Doug Henderson, the sport first caught the

Winter TV Preview: The Best Shows, Miniseries and Specials Coming Your Way

Let it snow, let it snow, and leave the TV on, because this winter includes a sleighful of great new TV shows, miniseries and specials. From a brand-new Nutcracker from Debbie Allen and a reboot of To Tell the Truth to a Stephen King thriller and a new adaptation of All Creatures Great and Small,

Susan Roberts Reflects on Her 19 Years at Scotia Village

Susan Roberts served as the Resident Services Director at Scotia Village for 19 years.  On October 16th she retired and was celebrated by her community. Over the years, residents and staff have enjoyed her energy and smiling, friendly face. Although Susan is very excited to spend more time with her husband, Tom and her three-year-old

Wave of Older Americans Learn to Play Musical Instruments

The piano Linda Howell had purchased for her now-grown children sat in the corner of her living room for decades before she wondered if she should take lessons. Howell, 72, of Fairport, New York, was having trouble adjusting to retirement after a 50-year career in nursing, and figured practicing would be good for her brain.

Glaucoma: A Guide For Seniors

Glaucoma is the root cause of about 10 percent of total blindness in the United States, and many of the people affected are seniors (those over the age of 65). Additionally, the American Academy of Family Physicians notes that about 75 percent of those who are legally blind because of glaucoma are seniors. The overall number of

Accessibility Tools on Your Smartphone That Can Make Your Life Easier

When the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) became law in 1990, few people could have fathomed that we all would own smartphones someday. Three decades later, not only are folks carrying these devices but those with physical impairments — hearing loss, low vision, motor disabilities — are benefiting from the same experiences as everyone else,

Bridge at the Village

Monday nights are prime time for serious competition at Scotia Village. That is the night when the café becomes the home for Bridge at the Village, the community’s bridge club that gathers most weeks for residents and locals who love to get together to play the card game.  Even though the pandemic has put a

These Job Programs Can Help You Find Work During the Pandemic

Ask Maria Heidkamp about the services available to help older Americans get jobs and she’ll answer that there are surprisingly few. That’s because federal workforce policy has been based largely on the idea that older job seekers can just use the same employment assistance programs as younger ones, despite ample evidence that age discrimination and other problems

Bravo! Community’s Theater Scene Attracts Residents and Staff

Many people who come to Scotia Village soon find out that this community is full of surprises. One of the most pleasant and popular surprises happens to be the area’s thriving and talented theater community. Although performances have been put on pause because of the pandemic, residents and staff alike are looking forward to taking

How to Shop for Food and What to Cook During a Pandemic

It’s understandable that when a pandemic hits, our first instinct is to hoard things like white rice, pasta and frozen pizza. And, yes, in general, we want to “stock up” so we don’t have to be running to the grocery store much. But that doesn’t mean you have to eat only processed foods. Ideally, we should seek

Videoconferencing Tips for People With Hearing Loss

You’re in the middle of a videoconference with six coworkers when something on the agenda hits a nerve and everyone begins talking over each other in an effort to be heard. Or perhaps your team leader turns her back to the web camera, and her voice becomes muffled as she talks her way through a

Kathy Henderson’s Words Hit Home 40 Years Later

Forty years ago, Kathy Henderson wrote a heartfelt and poignant tribute to a group of soldiers who undertook a bold mission to save American lives. Little did she know that she would have the opportunity to share her comments, published in the Raleigh News & Observer on January 28, 1981, with one of those soldiers

A Letter from Executive Director Allen Johnson Regarding COVID-19

The past six weeks have been unprecedented. Few of us could have predicted the circumstances in which we currently find ourselves.  For me, the most daunting of circumstances is that there is not a concrete end date to the crisis.  At Scotia Village residents and team are making the best of it.  Our approach has
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