The upcoming expansion at Scotia Village has many future residents excited about coming to the community. According to Allen Johnson, Scotia’s Executive Director, existing residents have much to look forward to, as well.

Most importantly, the expansion is designed to preserve the small-town charm, natural beauty, and friendly, relaxed atmosphere that has made Scotia Village such a special place. Key to this effort, according to Allen, was careful planning over the last year and a half in order to get it right.

“The planning process was pretty extensive, including architects, management and residents…” he explains. “And we continue to have open communication with residents to keep them updated and informed. With growing numbers of older adults in our area, we wanted to grow our ability to reach more people and enrich more lives in keeping with our mission.” 

Compared to some communities, the expansion at Scotia Village is carefully designed to add a limited number of homes. The 25 new independent living residences will include 20 patio homes — a new design that creates shared courtyards surrounded by the homes, that are “communities within a community,” as Allen describes it. One set of duplex villas and three new single family homes will also be available.

The expansion will add to the community’s existing amenities across several areas, too. The wellness center will expand, adding a half-court sports court with an indoor walking track, along with a new pub, enhanced craft spaces, clinical areas and dining options. “More people in our community,” says Allen, “create more opportunities for all residents and allows us to develop more programs and activities.” 

Plans for the community even include the creation of a small pond and water feature on campus.

 Another exciting part about the expansion is the opportunity for potential future residents to come to Scotia Village and learn more about plans for new homes and amenities in person. On Wednesday, July 7, the community will host a Savory Start to Summer on campus complete with wine and charcuterie. Anyone interested in learning more about the event is encouraged to contact the marketing department at Scotia Village at 910-266-5015.

“It’s exciting to have guests on-campus for events again,” adds Allen. “Everyone here is looking forward to it.”

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