Scotia Village is known throughout the area for its natural beauty and well-tended gardens, especially the rose garden that greets residents and visitors in front of the main entrance. And this year the garden could be more vibrant than ever.

The roses are cared for through the thoughtful and dedicated attention of resident volunteers, including Carolyn Kimrey, who brings a lifelong passion for gardening and experience growing roses to the effort. “I’ve always had a beautiful garden anywhere I’ve lived,” she explains. “I inherited that passion from my mother… she could grow anything!”

Although she and her husband, Drag, moved to Scotia Village less than 18 months ago, they have lived in Laurinburg for 20 years and always recall how lovely the rose garden was then.

“It was knockout beautiful,” says Carolyn. “Everybody in town would drive through to see the rose garden.”

Over the years, though, many of the individual bushes had seen better days and needed to be replaced. “My main purpose is to build it back the way it used to be,” says Carolyn.

Recently, the rose garden committee turned to Carolyn to help orchestrate an influx of new rose bushes, adding to and replacing some older bushes that were struggling. The new bushes are sure to bring an explosion of color to the garden with colorful names such as Tropicana, Sedona, Voodoo, Tinkerbell, Perfect Moment and Perfume Factory. Along with lots of pink roses, fans of the garden can look forward to red, purple, yellow, orange, white, as well as several multi-colored varieties that Carolyn describes as “absolutely gorgeous.” The garden currently is home to more than 135 rose bushes with plans to add even more.

Other gardens around the community include Joe’s Garden, located behind the dining room and recently planted with eight flats of impatiens by Locke MacDonald. There are also raised beds that many residents use to grow vegetables and other plants. Plus, walking trails wind their way around the community, allowing residents to enjoy the delightful colors and fragrant flowers along the way.

The roses, though, tend to be where Carolyn spends most of her time. And she wouldn’t have it any other way. “I want to see the rose garden the way I remember seeing it when we became residents of the future,” says Carolyn.

The flowers aren’t just for admiring from afar. According to Carolyn, there is a special program where residents can receive a flower from the rose garden in honor of a loved one with a small donation. The donations help offset the expenses of new plantings, irrigation and other costs associated with the project.

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